Why It is Better to Play Poker Online

adobelink.comWhy It is Better to Play Poker Online. Poker has been around since 1829. It was first seen in New Orleans with a deck of 20 cards. It was a game for the rich because they can only afford expensive buy-ins of tournaments like the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. However, with the coming of the Internet and increased television exposure that started in 2003, the popularity of poker sky-rocketed.

These days, you have more options when it comes to playing poker – live or online. While playing live is good because of the first-hand interaction, one cannot discount the many advantages of playing poker online. Here’s why you should make the transition from live to situs poker:

You will see poker action all the time
The best thing about online poker is its 24/7 action. This means that you can play poker whenever you want. You will surely find a game or tournament available. However, if you want to find more players, you should consider evening hours and weekends.


You can play anywhere
As long as you have an Internet connection, you can play poker anywhere you are comfortable or convenient. For all they care, you can play from your kitchen or bedroom. The good thing is you are not required to dress up because you can wear anything that you like.

You can play more hands per hour
Online poker boasts of faster turnaround time. This means more hands per hour. When you are at a poker table, the pace of the game will depend on the dealer. If you consider online poker, your time will be valued because it provides fast game speed.

You can choose other games
In casino rooms, there are limited options for joining a tournament or cash table. In online poker games, you will be offered a huge game selection and you will surely find many players ready to take their seats. Without a doubt, the versatility of online poker rooms is appealing.

You are dealt with micro-limits
In casino poker rooms, you will not find $2 or $4 games being dealt. In online poker, there is a micro-limit that you can consider based on your financial ability. This means that you can find a poker action that you can afford even if the stakes are lower.

You will see many benefits
There are some live casinos that will keep you happy by giving you free food, drinks, and even accommodation at some point. However, if you consider online poker, you will see many benefits from bonuses to loyalty rewards. If you are a newcomer, you will be generously welcomed. If you play regularly, you will be eligible for further benefits and loyalty rewards.

You can choose to play at multiple tables
One of the primary benefits of online poker is the freedom to pay at multiple tables. If you are confident in playing at multiple tables, you can choose that especially if you do not see any action. You can easily open another table and wait for the action to take place.

You meet different players
In your local card game, you are only competing with your friends. Online poker will expand your horizon by providing you with different players from around the world. This is quite exciting.